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Long Distance Relationship
Story of the Week

It's been one and a half years now, since I met the love of my life, the best one and half years of my life. One night, during a calming break from a 3 year series of harsh relationships, seventeen year old me was on the internet browsing around looking for entertainment. I came across a fun little UK cartoon chat room I frequently visited when I was younger called Habbo Hotel. I made a new character, joined the "Hallway" chat room, and began walking around observing all the characters in the room. While sitting on a Habbo couch, I noticed a very interesting male habbo standing nearby, wearing all pink. I began listening to the comments he was making to random people, and was having a nice giggle to myself. After a particular comment, I decided to express my amusement out loud to him. After he noticed I had acknowledged him, he walked over my way, and off we went, into a relationship that neither of us were looking for or had expected, which would be the biggest thing either of us would ever experience.

I cant remember what we first chatted about, but something just kept us chatting. I remember asking him his sign, as I am interested in astrology. I was very excited and pleased to find he was a Pisces, as I am a Cancer and Pisces is my best match. We chatted some about that, and Im sure we chatted about American and British things, as he lives in England and I live in Florida. That night we exchanged pictures. I had never exchanged pictures with anyone before as it was only, coincidentally, the day before I met him that I first had any pictures of myself on my computer. I was very nervous to view his picture, as I had somehow developed feelings about him just from our chatting that night. I had sent him mine first, and he had given me positive feedback, which made me feel even more nervous about viewing his! It took me a ridiculous amount of time to finally look at his picture, but when I did, I was pleasantly surprised. His appearance fit my understanding of his personality and my taste perfectly, and I was in shock at this amazing situation- finding such a person in a chat room! Both of us had the idea that people that went on Habbo Hotel were just immature kids, as there are so many who frequent the chat rooms. We were both amazed that people such as ourselves would find each other in a place like that. Days went by, and turned into weeks. Weeks went by and turned into months. We were captivated. There were only hours in between our emails in the beginning, and after a few weeks, we were chatting together almost 24/7. We seemed to go through stages of closeness. Every conversation and everything we learned about each other brought us closer together. In the beginning we had trouble letting ourselves become so attached to each other, as we knew how hard it would be for us to ever be together, and that we did not know how wed feel if we were in person. Nevertheless, we soon realized there was nothing light about our relationship, and that we indeed had a real relationship. It didnt take us long to entertain the idea of meeting each other in person. We would mention it casually in emails and conversation, always adding something to lighten it up, as neither of us wanted to push the idea too far too soon. After a few weeks of mentioning it, we both knew it had to happen. We began brainstorming and exchanging ideas about how we could meet. It was eventually decided that the best thing for our situation was for me to come there.

I was born and raised in Florida, and I had never been further than Georgia, hence, I had never been on an airplane! We had originally decided I would come with family and meet him at the hotel we would stay at. I was 18 then, and my family was very supportive of me, as they were also involved with our relationship, and had spoken with his parents, etc. Because of financial reasons, me going with family didnt work out, and it was decided that I would stay at his house, on my own, with him and his family! I was incredibly nervous. It was nine months after wed met online that we met in person. Nine months of chatting online and hundreds and hundreds of pictures means high expectations! The flight was not bad at all, I flew on a British airline so on the plane everyone was British! All the accents and the food and the people had me very excited. I had always loved Englishness- English accents, English houses, English stuff, and Id always wanted to go there, if I ever got to go anywhere, and here I was, on an airplane, going to England, about to meet the most important person in my lifefor the first time! I had no doubts that him and I would get along, but of course I was nervous. I knew he was incredibly nervous as well.

At the end of the 8 hour flight, England finally came into view. We were so high up that I could almost see the entire country outlined in lights. It was the most amazing sight, and I cant explain the excitement that came over me. We landed, and stepping off the airplane I was hit by my first English breeze, and had my first shiver on English ground. I was so excited and nervous. As soon as I stepped off the airplane I had the feeling like he could be anywhere, because were in the same country, and I loved that feeling! Immigration was difficult, as I mistakenly told them I was meeting him for the first time. They held me back, and asked me a series of questions (personal questions) which they also asked Dave, after calling him out of the crowd to a desk in the waiting area. They compared our answers and decided that I was safe to pass, and I did. I went to get my bags, and went to the bathroom about 5 times! I was stood by the door that I would go through to see Dave for awhile, trying to work up the guts to walk through. Eventually, I decided I had no where else to go but forward, and that this was it, and I went! There was a sort of maze of doors, then. And after passing a few doors, I was ready to finally get through, and when I came to the last one, I didnt hesitate. I walked through to see Dave standing on the opposite side of this metal bar. I immediately stopped and smiled really big at him, and he did the same. He then motioned for me to come over to him, and he gave me a huge hug, over the metal bar. He pat my hair and smiled at me after doing so, as he always said how he wanted to touch it. He then made way for me to come through the people, and led us to the car. The first words I remember saying was something like Look at you acting all cool, hehe. He was kind of strutting and I was teasing him. We were as we always had been. We acted as if we had met up online again, but it was in person. We were so giggly and happy. The next 10 days were the best 10 days ever, and our relationship must have grown more in that short amount of time than it ever has. We traveled England, and went to all the popular places. We spent every night together, and we were as happy as either of us had ever been. Leaving was the worst feeling either of us had ever had. At the airport, we were trying to be strong and not cry, but when we came to the gate, there was no stopping our tears. It was purely miserable. Once we were apart we both agreed it felt like the world around us had caved in. It was just horrible.

After I returned home, we soon had plans for me to go there again. I stayed for a month the next time. We enjoyed more and more of each other as time passed. Leaving was the same, but worse this time. It was then time for him to meet my family. He came over the summer and stayed for almost a month at my house, and met everyone in my family. Everyone was dying to meet him, and meeting him surpassed everyones expectations. They all loved him, and he had a great time with them. We went to all the popular places, of course- Disney World, Universal, etc. I was so happy to see him here, with my family and in the place that Id known my whole life. I cant explain how it felt, remembering the times when we were only online together, it was just amazing to look back while seeing him at my house thinking about everything wed been through together. The parting this time was really bad for me. I got a taste of what hed experienced both times. Once he left to get on the airplane, I was crushed worse than Ive ever been before. It was like I was a child whod lost my parents. I was looking around and nothing and no one was who I needed to see and it was miserable. I couldnt view one thing the same as I had done when he was here. It was miserable. When he got home, we both agreed we had to make a decision, and that we couldnt continue to leave each other. After a few different ideas, my having and losing a job, and him working, weve come to the decision that I will go there for 6 months- the maximum allowed without a visa- and we will decide what we will permanently do. Im leaving in about 3 weeks and I cant wait! We are so excited about our future together, and I know we will always remember how we met and everything we went through to get to where we are now- our foundation, our hours and hours spent chatting and talking, our work towards being together, the amazing first times weve had together, our dreams for our future, and everything weve felt and feel for each other. We will cherish our special relationship forever.

Tera from Florida, USA

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