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Thanks to all readers who shared their heartfelt feelings on our new online interview.

Your praise is an inspiration to everyone across the world in a long distance relationship!

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Now take a minute to enjoy a heart warming story that will make you laugh, cry, applaud...and realize that You Are Not Alone in the long-distance relationship experience!

Long Distance Relationship
Story of the Week

It was mid-June and I was heading down to Orlando for a business conference. Not by any means was this a trip I was anticipating, since I had just gotten my 1999 Chevy Blazer the day before. Anyhow, it'd only be the second time I'd traveled alone, so I was a bit anxious to reach my destination...

My flight left Philly around 8pm, forty minutes later than planned. Heavy rain had delayed our departure. Upon arrival in Orlando, I found my way to the shuttle counter and handed in my round trip pass. I then waited, somewhat impatiently, for my shuttle to arrive. I found it odd that one minute there'd be no one around and the next there'd be a family who'd just show up and walk onto their shuttle. "Geesh," I thought! When would mine arrive?...

Finally, after waiting a few more minutes with nobody around except the man who shouts out the shuttle numbers, it arrived. Number 53!! I was psyched! So, being the only one around, my driver took my luggage immediately and I hopped into one of the long seats behind a burly middle-aged man and an older, more slender man. Of course, it took a couple more mintues before the shuttle actually left. But not before this guy hustled to catch it. He seemed to come out of no where, so when he quickly slid next to me, I thought "Wow!" He had just made it...thankfully.

He asked me how it was going and we began to make some small conversation. I found out where he was from and what he was doing in Orlando. We talked about our jobs, our families, and other things. While we were talking I noticed that he had to be tall because he sat up higher than I did. Me, being 5'10", always my eye out for taller men. It didn't hurt that he had beautiful blue eyes as well! Anyhow, I found out he was from Cincinnati but had moved to Chicago a few years ago after he graduated from college. He was meeting his family for vacation, while I was meeting some of my co-workers for a Broadcast Cable Financial Management conference. The total ride was about twenty minutes and in that time, we had found out a lot about each other. We laughed alot...

My hotel was the first stop. Once we arrived I introduced myself, as did he, and we shook hands. Then he got off the shuttle, so I could get out. It was then when I realized that I just had to see him again...He was tall, handsome, and had the greates smile I had ever seen...what more could I want? Not only that, I also felt totally comfortable with him right away. There was no hesitation to chat with him and find out what he was all about. And that was a good thing! So, we shook hands again and said goodbye, but not before I had offered him my business card and suggested to him that we send each other an email from time to time. He responded by giving me his in return. "Great!" I thought! He then returned to his seat on the shuttle and was off...

The next day I mentioned to some co-workers that I had met this great guy on the shuttle and wanted to see if I could get in touch with him to possibly hang out that Friday night. It was then that I took action...which was, until that point, totally out of character for shy little me.

Something told me it was worth it...The next day I called the front desk of my hotel to get the number of the resort he was staying in. Once I got that information I called his hotel and asked for him, knowing that the room would surely not be under his name, but probably a relative. I was right, but got patched through promptly. A girl answered the phone when I called. After asking for him, I was told he was at Epcot, so I told her my name and that I had met him on the shuttle the day before. Imagine my excitement, when she told me that he had mentioned that he had met me! I couldn't believe it. I immediately became more comfortable because now I figured that he'd be happy to hear that Megan, "the girl from the shuttle" had called. I left my hotel phone number and crossed my fingers that he'd call. It only helped that my co-workers and I had a late night out at the hotel club, so I had something else to do, rather that wait for the phone to ring...

Of course when I arrived back at my room at 2:30 I anxiously ran to the phone to see if my message light was blinking and it was!!!!!! I listened carefully to his sweet message and jotted down his cell phone number on the back of his business card (which, by the way, had I not gotten when we exited the shuttle, I would have had no way to track him down...I'd have only known is first name...and that wouldn't have gotten me far at all). Since it was so late, I waited and called early the next evening. We spoke for a while about what we had done that day. It was great to hear his voice again! We made plans for him to come over Friday night around 10:30 and then we'd head to Pleasure Island. Everything went as planned! I had met him outside and we went back to my room for a beverage or two before we headed out. We hung out at the clubs for a few hours and then returned to my hotel once everything had closed down. We grabbed another beer and then headed out to walk around the pool, upon his suggestion.

So, we hung out and talked some was so great...I really couldn't believe I was seeing him again. Honestly, once we parted ways when I got off the shuttle a few days earlier, I never really thought I'd get to see him again. But I was filled with happiness to get the chance to spend more time with him. While walking around outside, I had been a few steps ahead of him at one point. All of a sudden, I feel his arms around me and then sweet little kisses on my ear. I couldn't believe it!!!! So, I turned around and we embraced...and kissed some more. It was like a dream, really. Who would have ever thought?? Certainly not me! Needless to say, we went back to my room and had a nice night just hanging out and talking some more...he didn't want to let go of me, and I just loved every minute of it...

I had to head back to Philly the next morning, so, unfortunately, he had to go around 8am. Obviously, I didn't want him to go, but there wasn't really an option. We embraced one last time and I asked him if he'd send me an email, and he said "you know I will." I smiled and watched as he exited from the patio doors...wondering if it would be the last time I'd ever see him...but at time hoping with all hope that it wouldn't be.

That Monday, I received an email from him saying what a wonderful time he had had and how he was so happy we we able to meet up. He ended the note with..."been thinking of you ever since..."

"Is this guy for real?" I thought. I'd soon find out. So, this began the start of our email converstaions, which, a week or so later, led him to ask me for a number where I could be reached. He promised not to bug me too much, but I thought "Heck, bug me all you want!"...

In September he came to Philly to visit me, and I have since been to Chicago twice. He was just out over Memorial day, and met my folks and my co-workers. I now have a trip booked for Fourth of July weekend. We are attending his friends wedding in Cleveland, so I am flying out to Chicago and we are taking a road trip...Woohoo!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow will be a year since he and I met on the shuttle and we are still enjoying what we have together. Talking on the phone mostly, but making trips to see each other as much as we can.

If I've learned one thing from this whole experience it would be this: take risks and follow your never, never, know what might happen and you'll never have to wonder what "might" have been. Great things can arise from just putting yourself out there. It was very uncharacteristic of me to get his hotel phone number and try to find him. But something in my heart told me I had to...and not a day has gone by since we met, that I am not thankful I took the chance. Who knows what the future holds for us?...I do know one thing for sure...that I will never look back with regret, no matter what happens, because knowing him has and always will be one of the greatest experiences in my life. I can only hope that this is just the beginning of many more great times and wonderful things for he and I...the future is in our hands!!!!

Megan, Pennsylvania, USA

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