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Now take a minute to enjoy a heart warming story that will make you laugh, cry, applaud...and realize that You Are Not Alone in the long-distance relationship experience!

Long Distance Relationship
Story of the Week

I met my one and only in Sept of 2002. I was at a weeklong work related conference in Norfolk, Va. My one and only was also attending the conference. The conference had four main seminars so we were not in the same seminar but at one particular break I noticed him standing alone observing the rest of the attendees. I didnt think much about him just that I thought he was attractive and it was funny that he was doing the same thing I was.

A couple of days into the seminar I met a man, John, that invited me out for a drink after class so we could exchange information about our current positions. We went out and talked awhile and it was mentioned that he was there with another man that he worked with that was also going through a divorce. So we talked about this other mans situation for a moment and then said goodnight. The last night of the seminar there is a banquet and attendance is required. I dreaded going to this banquet but it was work related and mandatory so off I headed. Well at the banquet I ran into John and he said that he and his co-worker, Matt were going out after the banquet and would I like to come I said sure. We were meeting in the hotel lobby and then walking over to Chesapeake Bay to a piano bar. I went down to the lobby and they were waiting on me, Matt happened to be the man that I noticed standing and observing the attendees. We started walking over and Matt and I just started talking we had this indescribable connection.

We never stopped talking while at the piano bar we talked about our lives, our kids, and our previous relationships. Well we left the piano bar and went to a dance club where we had non-stop fun. We danced and made a pyramid out of plastic cups and just had total carefree fun, oh yes, the other man was still there as wellsomewhere! When the bars were closing we headed back to the hotel. One thing I left out, I was on the trip with my boss who wanted to get up at 5:30am to go see Washington DC before we left Virginia, so when I agreed to go out that night I had every intention of making it a early night as I still had to pack and then get up early.

Well in the elevator the two guys were a few floors below me so when we stopped at their floor we said goodbye until the next conference, which is usually once a year. Well John got off the elevator and Matt stayed with me. I am not really sure how it all happened from there. We did not do anything except kiss once; we just lay on the bed as we both had too much to drink. I made him leave about an hour later and all I remember was he kept asking me how he could get a hold of me. I told him to look on the attendance roster as all the email addresses were listed. Anyway it turns out that my honey lives in FL and I live in CO.

We have emailed everyday nonstop since that night. After about a month of emailing I gave him my phone number and he has called me every nightyes, EVERY NIGHT at 9:00 pm since I gave it to him. We talk every night at the same time and almost always talk for hours. I knew early on that he was the one for me. He was everything that I had ever wanted, he was compassionate, loving, caring, romantic, he listened to me, he thought about what I told him and he openly shared his life with me. After about six weeks of emailing and couple of weeks of phone conversations we decided that we wanted to meet again and see if what we were feeling was really real. We wanted to pick somewhere half way and so he suggested New Orleans, which was an awesome idea since I had always wanted to go and so had he. We went on the 22nd of Nov. about nine weeks after we met.

It was the greatest time I have ever had. I had arrived first and checked into our room as he was driving and I flew. I was really nervous and didnt know what to expect but from the moment I saw him sitting there in the lobby waiting on me until the day we left it could not have been more perfect. We did not have one uncomfortable moment we spent four perfect days together. It felt like we knew each other our whole lives. We made no plans we just wandered around and looked at everything. We went and sat in the park for a few hours. There we are in this city of nonstop activity and we ended up walking to a little park and just sat on the grass talking and laughing and of course kissing. Since that first wonderful trip that confirmed I really was in love with him and he with me we have tried to see each other as much as we can. We started out trying for every other month and now we cannot go without seeing each other once a month. Everyday apart seems like a lifetime. I wish I could just quit my job and move there with him, I know we are perfect for each other I felt it the first night we met and then when really got to know him I was sure. But at this time he has children that live near him that he keeps every other weekend and his son lives with him fulltime.

I have three kids that are always with me, one is going to be junior in HS so I dont want to move her. I also own a home here. So it seems the logistics of life are keeping us apart. I dont think we will be apart for much longer as we both want more then this LDR. Here it is nine months later and we still talk on the phone every night for at least an hour but usually two and sometimes longer. There is a two hour time difference so he usually isnt in bed until 2:00am and has to up for work at 6:00am. We also email or chat with each other everyday while we are at work making it very hard to get any of our work done. =)

It has been very emotional and very draining and sometimes seems almost hopeless with our situations that we will be together but as your book stated the thing that keeps us both committed and refusing to give up is the way we feel when we are together, we know this is right, real and true. He has taught me how to love and how to receive love. I have felt so many emotions with him that I have never felt. I really believe a love like this only happens once and I will not let it go. He is my life so I will stay committed and continue to move forward planning our future.

Angela, Colorado, USA

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